Koenders Water Solutions Inc – 30th Year Anniversary Over 100,000 Customers

2018 Voted Best Windmill Aeration Technology and Much More

Koenders Water Solutions Inc. innovated windmill aeration back in 1988 and since then has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of Natural Pond Care Equipment and Treatments in North America with over 100,000 customers. Here’s why we’re voting them for best of 2018!

Koenders is focused and passionate about the environment and providing its customers with cost effective natural solutions for “Saving the Planet’s Water Nature’s Way”. As its President and CEO, Doug Hicks, states. “What’s the point in having a brand or a company, if it doesn’t stand for something or make the world a better place!”

What we respect about this company is their commitment to standing behind their vision. They do not make or sell any toxic or corrosive products. They work to serve the customers who share their vision and passion for the environment. Through education and information, they’re changing the way people think and treat the world’s fresh water resources, starting with their own.

Koenders Water Solutions Inc. got their start back in 1988 manufacturing a wide range of Windmill Aeration Systems both on Uni-Pole and Lattice tower designs with heights starting at 12 FT and going as high as 24 FT and is by far the largest manufacture of these products in the world. With over 80,000 Windmill aeration systems installed and having a brand presence on every continent these products are symbols for change. They’re changing the way people such as farmers, fish pond owners, golf courses, and municipalities care for their fresh water resources.

Why they are the clear winner? Don’t take our word for it, read the hundreds of testimonials Koenders Water Solutions receives from its customers, like this one:

“We have a pond on our acreage that we use for house water and irrigation. This pond has always given us problems – the water would get smelly and the pond would be full of algae and weeds to a point that it would clog up all the filters going into the house. We had the hardest time maintaining this body of water and having a steady supply of useable house water that would not smell up the house and make our clothes all gray. That was until the last couple of years when we started following the Nature’s Pond Care program. We installed a Koenders Electric Aeration System in the pond and started treating the water with Nature’s Pond Conditioner. The water has never been cleaner. What a huge improvement to the past. The water does not smell, and we don’t have to worry about clogged filters for the pond is clean and clear now.

Great products – thanks!”

- Gary Nervas, Langenburg, SK

Koenders Windmills operate in extremely low winds and 3rd party studies have shown that their windmills work in winds as low as 3 MPH, producing up to 8 X more oxygen than other brands on the market. So even in low winds these windmill aeration systems are providing oxygen to the water.

On top of this they also manufacture a range of energy efficient “bottom up” electric aeration systems for those customers whose ponds, dugouts or sewage lagoons are surrounded by trees or do not have any wind in their area.

In addition to it’s windmill and aeration products, Koenders now offers several solutions for cleaner water including Nature’s Pond Conditioner, Plumbing, Septic & Sewage Treatment, and even an all-surface cleaner.

In 2007 the company launched a Natural Pond treatment line for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter to compliment its aeration equipment, providing customers with an alternative to using harsh chemicals to treat pond problems. Once again, being an innovator of the first ALL-IN-ONE natural pond treatment, the original pond conditioner, “Nature’s Pond Conditioner” used to treat thousands of dugouts and ponds around the world. Safe for fish, crops, animals, people and the environment. Visit naturespondcare.com to learn more.

Koenders continues to educate and provide the world with environmentally friendly ways and products to improve water quality and reduce water pollution. In 2015 they designed Nature’s Pond, Plumbing Septic and Sewage 4-IN-ONE blend to reduce organic waste in septic and sewage and limit the amount of polluted discharge from industrial, municipal and residential waste. This product is now being used for reducing odors and organic waste in household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers as an alternative to corrosive chemicals. Its even being used in restaurant grease traps and kitchen sinks to break down and metabolize fats oils and greases that are blocking up plumbing systems.

Recently, Koenders Water Solutions Inc has also launched an ALL-SURFACE-CLEANER that works on all surfaces indoors and out and is also anti-corrosive and non-toxic. Soaps and cleaners are a massive polluter of our fresh water resources and this is just one more product that Koenders Water Solutions offers to its customers to reduce their impact on the environment.

This company has grown to be much more than a manufacturer of windmill aeration systems; however, it is certainly their flag ship product that has made them famous around the world. Now in their Gen 6 Version of the product it is seen as a symbol for sustainability and continues to grow in adoption rate.

Visit the education section at naturespondcare.com to learn more. Also view the hundreds of testimonials and customer feedback posts at koenderswindmills.com and koenderswatersolutions.com.

Koenders windmills are great for the environment, and now there is proof!

It’s well known that windmills are environmentally friendly, as they are powered by the wind and not a non-renewable resource, so how much friendlier can they get? Common sense tells us that windmills have a positive effect on our environment, however it cannot be proven until the process of materials acquisition, manufacturing, distribution and disposal are analysed. Koenders Water Solutions undertook a study to see what net-impact their windmills have on our planet, and the results are impressive! To put it in perspective, the 100,000 windmills that are installed by Koenders worldwide has the same effect on greenhouse gas emissions as taking 2000-3000 cars off the road.

To learn all about the positive environmental impact of Koenders windmill aeration systems check out this article that analyses carbon offsets, life cycle inventory, as well as a case study done by Alberta Agriculture Northwest Regional Office. These results prove just how environmentally friendly Koenders windmills are.

Read more here: http://www.naturespondcare.com/education/koenders-windmills-are-great-for-the-environment,-and-now-there-is-proof!.html