Eco Friendly Windmills

The Environmentally Friendly Windmill

All Pond Owners are familiar with the variety of issues that come with owning a pond. Most of the problems stem from water stagnation and algae. Ponds can be a lot of work, money, and effort and most pond owners never discover the real solution to curing their annual pond problems. A technology that can be used that is both environmentally safe, and extremely cost-effective – windmill aeration technology.

Windmill Aeration is an environmentally friendly technology for compressing oxygen into a pond without any of the side affects of what chemical treatments such as copper sulfate can produce. This windmill uses no power source, other than the wind, to do its job of healing stagnant, algae ridden water sources.

Pond Aeration systems have traditionally been electric powered and were the only means of adding air to water in order replenish its oxygen levels. The windmills are an excellent alternative to these sources and tend to be considerably more reliable and durable – lasting decades instead of only a few years.

Pond weeds, algae and water stagnation not only gives you an unhealthy and ugly looking pond it can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. Furthermore unsightly ponds can lower property values, eliminate the pleasure for recreational uses, and generally smell pretty bad. Those pond owners who are usually affected are fisherman, farmers, swimmers, boaters, ranchers, and homeowners.

Many pond and lake owners resort to the use of pond chemicals such as copper sulfate for the treatment of pond algae and weeds. Research is showing that this method of pond care treatment is showing diminishing results and increased costs. Who knows, this solution may eventually be eliminated by stricter rules governing its use.

Perhaps the answer is simpler than most would like to believe – treat the problem, lack of oxygen in the pond, not the symptom, increased algae and weeds.