Residential Water Aeration

Residential Water Aeration and Ponds Used For Household Water

Pond water is important for all of us to keep clean but especially for pond owners who use their ponds as a water source for household use.

It is surprising to learn how many low density and agricultural home owners use their ponds in this fashion. Many use it for bathing and laundry – others use it for this as well as for drinking.

The ones that use it for drinking will obviously run it through a filtration system but just the same there are many harmful bacteria and other organic matter that can sneak through a filtration system.

The ponds that have algae and other excessive amounts of organic matter cause a real problem for household filtration, plumbing and pumping systems. These pond owners are catching on to water aeration as a key method of clearing up their ponds so that it does not stagnate and become murky, smelly and even unhealthy. Not too mention a costly nuisance for the plumbing components.

There are many types of aeration systems on the market – the ones that are becoming very popular are the windmills that pump air. These windmill aeration systems do not require any power to operate and they are extremely effective in cleaning up the ponds and preventing algae and excessive weed growth.

Even municipal water reservoirs, sewage and treatment plants are starting to use windmill aeration systems to quickly and cost effectively break down organic matter and burn it out of the water source.

So if you are thinking of ways to get your laundry whiter or ways for your bath and shower water to stop smelling then think about cleaning the pond water itself right at the source. Windmill aeration can save you thousands of dollars per/yr in plumbing bills and it is an environmentally friendly way to go.

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