Environmentally Friendly Pond Care

Pond Professionals Teaching Environmentally Friendly Methods of Pond Care and Pond Maintenance

Pond owners all over North America all reviving their interest in pond care and more importantly environmentally friendly ways to keep their ponds healthy and clean.

This demand has grown to such an extent that community colleges like St. Clair Community College in Michigan are holding classes on Pond Management.

Leading pond management professionals and instructors are providing pond owners with sound advice on how to keep their ponds from stagnating and becoming health hazards for themselves and the communities they live in.

The top three environmentally friendly pointers that Pond Professionals are giving to their attendees in order to keep their ponds clean are:

# 1 – Pond Aeration – you need to add oxygen to your pond in order to help burn off excess nutrients and organic matter that penetrates the pond’s water body. Two types of aeration systems – Windmill Aeration Systems and Electric Aeration Systems.

# 2 – Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes – these help neutralize some of the non-beneficial bacteria in a pond and break up the muck and sludge that resides at the bottom of the pond.

# 3 – Pond Dye – there are some environmentally friendly pond dyes on the market that cause no harm to aquatic wildlife and provides a much needed shield to the hot summer rays of the sun that otherwise penetrate a pond’s surface and heats up a pond’s water to unhealthy temperatures. This can cause fish to die, algae and weeds to grow and a pond to stagnate.

There is an environmentally friendly pond conditioner that has both # 2 and # 3 in its Pond Care Pack and is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market. They are called Pond Care Packs.

These three practices are a simple way of eliminating any guesswork in providing a healthy ecosystem for your pond and its wildlife. By embarking on an environmentally friendly path to restoring or keeping a healthy pond will naturally improve water quality, eliminate unwanted muck and sludge, help fish health, and give you a fresh clean pond.