Backyard Ponds

Aeration For Small Backyard Ponds

Pond aeration is not only for ponds that are larger in size. All ponds and all aquatic life need oxygen to survive that is why aeration is so important.

Until recently, small backyard ponds have been dependent on electric aeration systems to keep their ponds clean and fish health – now, rather the only having electric aerators as the only option to pump oxygen into the water Koenders Windmills presents the Backyard Windmill.

Backyard Windmills not only look nice but can also aerate a small koi or fish pond. These backyard windmills pump 0.3 CFM of air at upto 8 PSI. For ponds that are greater than the size of a pool I would suggest other larger windmill aeration systems from companies such as Koenders Windmills or Superior Windmill.

However for the small garden pond the Backyard Windmill is unbeatable. The price point is excellent and it works great.

If you do not have a pond and you love windmills – the backyard windmill comes in an ornamental style as well. With powder coating options such as green and yellow, red and white and bronze it has a color for every taste.

If you are looking for ways to keep your garden pond or small koi pond clean without using electric power then perhaps you should research the Backyard Windmills by Koenders Windmill. Go to for more information.

This summer make sure that your small backyard pond are kept clean and algae free by installing an aeration system.