Air Diffuser Placement

Where To Place Your Air Diffusers for Pond Aeration

Ask any pond professional or water specialist and they will tell you that the most effective method of aerating your pond is through bottom up aeration.

Bottom up aeration is when you place your air diffusers at the deepest areas of your pond. As the oxygen bubbles rise up through the column of water they get bigger and bigger.

The bigger the bubbles, the more they will burn off the organic matter that is present in the pond. In addition, the transformation from small oxygen bubbles at the bottom of the pond to the bigger ones at the top provide stronger circulation flow of water throughout the pond.

For example; If you have a pond that is 15-20 Ft deep make sure to put your air diffusers right at those locations and not at the 6-8 Ft level that is closer to the sides of the pond.

Agriculture Canada cited these following benefits to placing your air diffusers in the deepest areas of the pond;

  • Cooling Off the Pond – The deeper areas of the pond have cooler water and by filtering up the cooled off oxygen from the bottom of the pond you assist in lowering the hotter temperatures of water nearer to the top of the pond – preventing pond algae from growing and keeping fish happier and healthier.
  • Limiting the Risk for Pond Stratification – this occurs when there are multiple layers of different water temperatures in a pond, by aerating from the deepest areas of the pond you limit the risk of pond stratification and the potential of massive fish kill caused by sudden water inversion that is usually caused in the summer by heavy rainstorms.
  • Better Circulation – the lower the air diffusers are placed in the ponds the better the circulation and water flow throughout the pond. This helps prevent algae and also ships the oxygen around the pond in a more efficient manner.

To place air diffusers at the deepest areas of your pond you must ensure that the pond aeration equipment that you purchase can deliver the air down to those depths. This is dependent on the PSI levels that the pond aeration equipment can compress the oxygen into the air lines.

For every 2 ft of depth you will require 1 PSI of pressure – so make sure to ask your vendor what is the maximum PSI that their pond aeration equipment’s maximum PSI level. For example, an aeration system that can produce 6-8 PSI will work with ponds that have depths of 10-12 FT. The higher the PSI levels the deeper the air diffusers can go and the more air that will be produced at those levels.