Midwest Renewable Energy Show

Americans Are Taking a leadership role in Renewable Energy Sources

On my way to one of North America’s largest renewable energy shows, The MREA, in Custer, Wisconsin last week I was stunned by the number of people that were taking an interest and active role in renewable energy.

My experience started before I had even landed. From the plane as you land in Minneapolis you can literally distinguish ponds that are being aerated from ones that aren’t. The ponds that are being aerated (oxygen bubbles rising in the water which you can see from the air) are clean and clear. Ponds that had no oxygen bubbles had green moss and pond algae growing on them.

What was really great to see were the number of Koenders Windmills and Superior Windmill Aeration Systems that were being deployed in order to produce the oxygen. Using the windmills as an alternative energy source to aerate their ponds rather than using electric aeration systems.

As you travel along I-94 towards Waccassa, Wi you can count the number of windmills aerating ponds, keeping them nice and clean. Most of the ones I saw were on farms but there were a few powder coated windmills, green and yellow, bronze and tanned and red white and blue that looked very pretty that were located near residential acreage homes with ponds.

As I arrived at the MREA show there were a number of windmills being shown. The one that was really impressive was this new model of wind turbine that generates enough electricity to run an average sized American Home or Farm Home.

These engineers had designed a wind turbine that had all the efficiencies, low noise levels and safety standards of the large wind turbines. The Endurance Wind Turbine they called it, is one of the only commercial small wind turbines that connect directly to the power grid with out requiring an inverter to do so. Its was extremely impressive and for most pond owners who live on acreage may be something to look into. We as a nation need to lower our carbon foot print and instead of conserving energy produce our own or find innovative alternative solutions such as windmill aeration and water pumping instead of electrical aeration and water pumping.

For more information visit www.endurancewindpower.com