Windmill Water Pumps

Is Your Pond Water Low?

Consider Windmill Water Pumps.

Many pond owners are complaining about the lack of rain in their regions this summer and the need for water.

One solution that you may want to consider is pumping water from a well. You may already have a well or if not, you may consider having one drilled.

If your static water level is above 70 FT from the surface you may want to look at an extremely cost effective water pumping method called the AIR-LIFT Method.

The air lift water pumping method uses air pressure to lift the water up from the well. This same system has been used in the mining industry for decades. Depending on how much water your well can produce and how much water that you want to pump to your pond, you may want to consider a windmill to do the job.

Superior Windmill Inc. and Koenders Windmills Inc. have been supplying pond owners with windmills for years. This windmills compress air at high PSI levels in order to pump between 2-5 gallons per/minute of water using the air lift method.

In short, the air lift method works by injecting air into the water inside of a discharge pipe which is positioned at a level below the water surface in the well. The compressed air results in a mixture of oxygen bubbles and water, which being lighter than water outside the discharge pipe, forces the oxidized water up.

If your well meets certain criteria and water is at a certain level then you will not find a more cost effective solution on the market then a windmill air pump from Koenders or Superior Windmill.

These units can also aerate your pond with out any use of electricity.