Windmill Aeration Gains Popularity

Windmills For Ponds Getting Headlines

Bravo to the many magazines across America that are letting customers know about Windmills for pond aeration.

First for educating pond owners to the fact that they need to think about aerating their ponds to keep them healthy and clean to ensure the health of themselves, cattle, wildlife and the environment.

Second, for informing them of Windmill aeration systems, which are an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly way to oxygenate one’s pond. Pond owner magazine has tracked the press for one of the leading producers of Windmill Aeration Systems, Superior Windmill and just the last 3-4 months we have come up with the following list from the press of articles and magazines that Superior Windmill has appeared in or is scheduled to appear in very soon.

Listed below are the magazine names and profiles.

Island Farmer
Profile: Written for farmers, ranchers and other agricultural professionals living and working in Prince Edward Island. Provides analysis of current market conditions and chronicles news events pertinent to agribusiness.

Family Living in Farm Country
Profile: Provides information about rural and urban lifestyles in Iowa and surrounding states, Includes Health & Wellness, Financial Planning, Recipes, Farm Wife’s Diary and Food for Thought.

Peach Country Sun
Profile: The only comprehensive source of local agnews for producers and rural residents in the BC & AB Peace Country. Keeping producers connected & informed on the issues affecting farming in the region with columns such as Agriculture Matters and Equinites.

Country Guide
Profile: Edited for farmers across Canada, especially those with medium or large farms who are interested in increasing the efficiency and profitability of their operations. Conveys current technological and scientific knowledge into practical information farmers in a variety of markets can use.

Delmarva Farmer
Profile: Publication targeting the agriculture market of the states of the Middle Atlantic region. Features cover the array of agriculture specialties and interests in the region, through market reports, weather forecasts, new product reviews, and agricultural events.

Fish Farming News
Profile: Targets working producers involved with aquaculture. Edited to include features on site visits, success stories, fish health, association news, marketing insights, regulatory updates, and similar topics that affect the profit and loss margins of aquaculture production facilities. Content covers all major farm-raised species and both marine and saltwater aquaculture.

Michigan Farm News
Profile: Written for commercial farmers in the state of Michigan. Contains news from the agricultural community, provides market and weather forecasts, new farm product reviews, governmental issues, and lifestyle features.

Oklahoma Farmers Union News and Views
Profile: Official publication of the Oklahoma Farmers Union. Provides state and national farm news as well as features and general news stories.

The Alberta Express
Profile: Written for farmers of beef and grain operations. Provides regional focus on farming issues such as weed control, new crop varieties, harvesting machines, pasture and livestock management, farm workshop ideas, and feeding options.

American Small Farm
Profile: Edited for those who own and operate the small farm in America. Emphasis is on materials, production methods and equipment, as well as features dealing with lifestyle and traditions on the small farm.

Feed-Lot Magazine
Profile: Serves the owners, managers, supervisory and technical personnel involved in large feedlots and cow/calf operations in the beef industry. Covers new techniques and products for the feeding and nurturing of beef cattle and livestock. Highlights retained ownership issues, marketing perspectives, import and export updates, individual animalv tracking and genetics.

The Oklahoma Cowman
Profile: Designed as an association update of activities, research & management checklist of the legislative agenda, with special emphasis on the cattle industry of Oklahoma.

Koenders Windmills, the other leader in this industry appears quite regularly in magazines across the country. There are over 40,000 of them installed in North America alone.