Get Rid of Pond Algae

How to Get Rid of Pond Algae and Weeds

Pond owners are always writing into our magazine asking us for ways to get rid of their pond algae and weeds.

Most are looking for a pond treatment to rid themselves of these pesky aquatic irritants. The truth of the matter is, pond chemicals may provide a short term fix to your pond problem but the long term solution is much simpler.

Pond chemicals and other pond treatments immediately kill the aquatic vegetation, but that does not address the fact that there are reasons why algae and weeds are thriving in your pond. In most cases, its due to a lack of oxygen in the pond and an abundance of nutrients and bacteria present that are feeding the vegetation.

So to address this issue, you need to burn off the nutrients and bacteria in the pond there by attacking the food source of the problem. This way you will not have to worry about the problem any longer.

Aerating your pond is the way to address this issue. By simply increasing the levels of oxygen in your water – you will be providing an escape mechanism for the very things that algae and weeds thrive on.

Pond aeration is not something that the pond chemical industry talks much about. If you were in their business you wouldn’t either. Pond aeration is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to address the pond algae and weeds problem. That means, you will never have to use a pond chemical again. Great for you and economically rewarding too, but no so good for the pond chemical industry.

There are electric aeration systems and windmill aeration systems that are offered in the market. If you are in a moderately windy climate then you will want to research windmill aeration systems – they are extremely reliable and they do not require electricity to run.