A Good Cause for Pond Aeration

Non-Profits Saving Pond Water with Aeration

Some non-profit organizations are turning their attention over to saving ponds and lakes by mobilizing their efforts and seeking the support of local communities to donate to a worthy cause. Clean and Healthy Water!

Fresh water is a valuable resource all over the world and North Americans sometimes take our abundant supply of fresh water for granted. Take a look in your communities – would you swim or fish in the local ponds and lakes?

Non-profit groups are cleaning these water ways up by installing aeration systems. Pond aeration systems burn off excess pollutants and bacteria from the water body and restore it back to it natural state.

The use of chemicals to control pond algae and weeds have in many cases caused more harm then good to these ponds and pond professionals are starting to learn that the best way to control algae and weeds is to aerate their ponds.

Windmill aeration systems by Koenders Windmills and Superior Windmills seem to be the number one choices for these non-profits. There are no electricity or operating costs once the windmills are installed and the reliability of these units are exceptional.

These windmill are built to last decades and with little to no maintenance required, no wonder – windmills for pond aeration is fast becoming a mainstream product category in the pond aeration industry.

If you have a polluted lake in your area – consider moving forward with a fund raising effort to clean the water and help not only the people in the community but also its wildlife. Stagnant ponds are a health hazard for us all!