Healthy Winter Ponds

Keeping Pond Water Open During the Winter

More and more pond owners are inquiring about cost effective ways to keep their ponds open in the winter months.

Keeping the pond open has many benefits. It can help keep the fish healthy and alive. It also allows for sun to penetrate the pond body and produce additional levels of oxygen through photosynthesis.

Keeping your pond open prevents the ammonia and C02 gases from being trapped under the ice surface and killing off your fish populations.

For hunting enthusiasts – the open pond attracts geese and other wildlife to the pond’s edge for hunting purposes.

Whatever the purpose, keeping you pond, or at least an area of your pond, open in the winter months has many advantages.

One of the simplest, most cost effective ways to do this is by aerating your pond. By dissolving oxygen into your water from a bottom up aeration method, you can keep an area of your pond open while at the same time improving its health.

Windmills that aerate ponds are one of the most reliable and cost effective ways of doing this. They operate in all types of weather conditions and temperatures. Companies like Koenders Windmills Inc. and Superior Windmill Inc. build their windmills to last decades.