Windmill Aeration Moves Into Europe

Pond Owner Magazine receives a testimonial from the UK about Koenders Windmills.

I am not aware of any Windmill Air Pumps in the UK. I heard about them from a friend in Canada who knew that I was doing a lot of work on my large pond and cascade waterfall. He read Koenders name from the fin of a neighbours Windmill Aeration System and here we are.

It took a while for me to place the order due to my uncertainties about all the options available such as sinking hose, anti-icing gear, height etc. Anyway I eventually went for the whole package with a 16 foot mast and had it all powder coated in green to merge with our landscape.

I placed the order with a helpful and lovely lady called Tara who patiently put up with my endless questions such as what does it weigh! The exchange rate favours the UK at the moment and the price seemed very reasonable for all that I was ordering.

Delivery was longer than expected due to delays in getting the structure powder coated as I wanted – however this kind if project doesn’t demand great urgency and I was happy to wait as they were not processing my Mastercard payment until dispatch was imminent.

The whole unit arrived safely, beautifully packed and shrink wrapped in a microscopic space attached to a strong pallet. The components were packed in a series of small boxes. Delivered to the door by DHL in 4 days from leaving the factory in Saskatchewan (wherever that is!)

Tara was helpful to the end. One skilled and very energetic person with the help of the detailed and excellent instructions had the Windmill up and running in a day.

The Windmill functioned perfectly from the start and as hoped produces large volumes of oxygen to the centre of the pond via the long air line and airstone at a depth of about 5 feet. It looks the part and is much admired by all. I am considering taking up an agency here in Britain where I believe there is a strong market for the unusual!

Peter Reed – UK