Buying a Windmill Aeration System

From a Pond Owner in Michigan

I just want to share my experience with pond owners and make sure they do not make the same mistakes when they look at buying an aeration system for their pond.

This will help in the decision. First decide what type of aeration system you are going to install. There are electric aeration systems and Windmill Aeration Systems.

Due to the rising costs of energy and costs in running electricity to most ponds the electric aeration is usually not the most cost effective solution.

Many pond owners are looking at windmill aeration systems as a way to aerate their ponds.

When considering buying a windmill aeration system you should really think about asking the vendors who you are potentially buying from the following questions:

  • 1) Are they the manufacturers or are they just selling a manufacturers product and really do not understand the details of the product that they are representing?
  • 2) How long has the product been manufactured – is it the 1st year the product has been built or has it been around for many years or decades like some companies, (example – Koenders Windmills Inc – founded in 1988 or Superior Windmill Inc 1999)
    Companies that have been around for many years have a track record and proof of warranty claims etc.. . This companies would not still be around if the product they were building was not a quality, durable, high performing product.
  • 3) Check out the testimonials and PR for the company. Most of the manufacture’s sites that have been around for a while will have blogs that you can click into and read the articles and comments that have been posted.
  • 4) There is a lot of engineering that goes into the manufacturing of these windmill aeration products so beware of knock off products that have only been around for just a few years, especially ones that claim bigger and better performance and less costs – chances are they have not thought through all the engineering details of the product when they made them – (example – like the windmill product that I had whose main crank shaft snapped within 19 months because of the engineering of the compressor to blade size ratio – there was too much pressure being forced down on the crank shaft due to some of the physical attributes of the blade size in relation to the compressor components)

Windmill Aeration Systems are an innovative and cost effective approach to keeping a pond healthy and clean without the use of electricity – choosing the right windmill aeration system will keep your pond and its fish healthy for decades with minimal to no operational costs for maintenance.

Yours Sincerely
Jason Winters
Michigan, USA