Installing an Aeration System

Best Time of Year to Install an Aeration System

Pond owners are always asking us what time of year is the best to install an aeration system in their pond. For those of you who do not know what aeration is – it’s the process of adding oxygen to water in an effort to either maintain or restore a pond back to its natural health. It’s the single most important thing you can do to keep your pond healthy and clean.

Let us begin by suggesting every pond owner should be considering a pond aeration system if they do not already have one installed in their pond.

Next – be assured that anytime of year is a good time for aeration. At this time of year, pond owners are installing aeration systems so that they can keep an area of their ponds open and provide adequate oxygen levels for their fish to avoid fish kill during the winter months.

By installing an aeration system in the Fall you are able to speed up the decomposition process of any organic matter that penetrates the pond body during this period of the year; leaves and other foliage sink to the bottom of the pond and need to be decomposed otherwise they build up and create a layer of sludge that over time can lead to pond stagnation.

Keeping an area of the pond open also allows the water to release CO2 gases that can otherwise kill the aquatic life that is living in the water.

Windmill Aeration Systems seem to be growing in interest around the world. These systems use the wind to drive air compressor pumps which produce oxygen for the water.

They are easy to install and maintenance free providing you buy the right brand. Look for the brands that have been around for several years with proven track records. The undisputed leader in this space is Koenders Windmills Inc. They have been manufacturing windmill aeration systems for 20 Years and have over 50,000 installed in North America. The second company that comes to mind and has been around for almost a decade is Superior Windmill Inc. These two brands own about 85% of the windmill aeration market.