Koenders Windmills 20th Anniversary

Congratulations Koenders Windmills on their 20th Anniversary

Koenders Windmills innovated the windmill aeration system 20 years ago and has grown to sell over 6,000 windmill aeration systems a year. With over 50,000 windmill aeration systems installed in North America they are the undisputed leaders in windmill aeration industry.

Daily they hear feedback from their customer’s like Scott Stromer of Michigan State University who provides them with feedback on their product.

Scott has two of the Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems – one of them aerates a pond that is 150 X 90 and 15 FT deep with 1000 Fish in it. The Koenders Windmill has kept the weeds and algae out of the pond while spurring the growth of his fish to incredible levels. He has cat fish that are up to 2.5 ft long, blue gill that are close to 1 lb each and bass that are upto 17 inches long.

Scott has been so happy with his Koenders Windmills that he has six of his friends that have all bought these windmill aeration systems for their ponds. They all report the same levels of satisfaction.

“Koenders Windmills do more than I could ever of expected” says Scott Stromer.

Koenders Windmills is a product that is proven and been around for 20 years. Pond Owner is happy to sponsor this product for its subscribers because it works.

Once again – way to go Koenders Windmills – A North American made product that has been built here for 20 Years and is still going strong.

Learn more by visiting www.koenderswindmills.com