Electric Aerators vs. Windmills

Electric Aerators vs. Windmill Aeration Systems

In recent years pond owners have been looking for alternative ways to aerate their ponds aside from using traditional electric aeration systems. We thought this example of a windmill aeration system vs. a traditional electric aeration system was quite interesting.

Ross Brickey of Marion, OH has been using a Koenders Windmill aeration system for 11 years and explains that at the time he purchased it, an electric aerator sales person was trying to sell him an electric aerator. The price for the electric system was $1200 and it was going to cost him another $1200 to wire it up close to the pond.

Instead of this, he decided to try out a windmill aeration system. He has now been using his Koenders Windmill aeration system for 11 years and during that time has not had to do one thing. He recently ordered a maintenance repair kit for $40, but that is it.

Says Brickey, “My windmill aeration system has kept my pond clean and healthy for all these years. My windmill is 500ft from my pond and I simply run an airline to the pond from where the windmill is located. I have never had any issues with my windmill or any costs. I can’t imagine what my electrical operating costs would have been for the electric aerator after all these years.”

More and more pond owners are turning to windmill aeration systems to aerate their water. Golf Courses, Municipal Ponds, Residential Ponds and Farm Ponds are just a few of the markets that are choosing windmill aeration over traditional electric aerator systems.

The advantages are plenty; lower maintenance, higher reliability, longer life, no monthly operating costs, and upfront costs are comparable.

Another key motivator for many pond owners is the fact that they are concerned with the environment and are trying to do their part to conserve energy any way they can.