Stop Throwing Chemicals in your Pond

Kill off the Algae and Weeds Naturally

This is the time of year where pond owners start seeing the dreaded algae and
weeds appear in their ponds. The first reaction they have is to get rid of
them immediately!

To do this they think throwing toxic chemicals into the pond is the right way to go!

Well before you do that perhaps you should consider the long term effects of this practice.

When you kill off the algae and weeds they do not simply disappear – they sink to the bottom of your pond and start to decompose. In order for them to decompose they require oxygen. Zapping more oxygen from what is probably already an oxygen starved pond. Oxygen is needed for the health and well being of the entire pond eco-system. A lack of oxygen can very well be the main reason you have pond algae and weeds in your pond in the first place.

Looking for a solution that works take the folks from a small town in Spring Lake, Michigan.

They are using windmills to aerate their ponds, more specifically, Koenders Windmills, the leader’s in windmill pond aeration. Gary Gaskins, a local pond owner, describes the area as looking like a Koenders Windmill Factory. All the pond owners in the area have been using windmill aeration for a number of years.

Gary explains that its an excellent alternative to the high cost of operating an electric aeration system. It works great in the winter – keeping fish alive and well and the pond open in the coldest of temperatures. In the
summer, it keeps the pond clean and algae free.

The other great thing about these windmill aeration systems is they don’t require any maintenance. “Once a year I grease the swivel head and that’s all I have done for the last five years”, Gary explains.

Avoid spending hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on chemicals – look into windmill aeration systems for your pond.