Nature’s Pond Conditioner

Environmentally Responsible Pond Care

For most of pond owners looking for a quick solution to fighting algae and other unpleasant, odorous gunk that fills their otherwise beautiful and lush pond, the first thing they traditionally grab is a big bucket of potentially toxic chemicals. These chemicals can cause serious long term damage not only to the health and sustainability of the pond, but also fish and wildlife.

But the “throw a load of chemicals in the pond and hope for the best” strategy is quickly become obsolete. Now conscientious pond owners are looking for a cleaners, greener solution to cleaning their ponds. Experience had dictated that a quick-fix chemical solution does not address to the issue permanently.

For several years, Koenders Windmills has been testing and researching the benefits and efficiency of all-natural solutions to the on-going dilemma of algae overgrowth.

After 20 years of specializing in pond heath and restoration, Koenders Windmills has come up with an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly pond cleaner. Nature’s Pond Conditioner is sustainable alternative to using chemicals. Consisting of naturally occurring bacteria and microbes, Nature’s Pond Conditioner shades the pond with a screen blocking the sunlight and stunting the photosynthesis process which causes rapid algae growth.

Using only natural ingredients, Nature’s Pond Conditioner:

  • Increases Oxygen levels
  • Degrades Organics
  • Controls Pond Algae and Algae Bloom.

Nature’s Pond Conditioner is a natural, biodegradable alternative to cleaning your pond without the use of harmful chemicals.

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