Introducing Yardmills

Decorative windmills for your home and garden

For over 20 years, Koenders Windmills Inc. has been improving the quality of water all over the world with windmill aerate systems. Windmill aeration is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient still water cleansing process. With over 50,000 windmills installations nation wide, Koender Windmills leads the way in windmill aeration systems. For years, Koender clients have been looking for something they could use for small ponds, gardens and yard ponds. Now, Koender is pleased to announce the latest model of windmills aeration systems.

Pond Owner’s Magazine is proud to introduce Koender Windmills latest addition to the Windmill aeration system line, the yardmill. This decorative windmill is a beautiful addition to any farm or acreage. Light-weight and easy to assemble, the yardmill is an ornamental, inexpensive alternative a larger windmill aeration system. The yardmill is a sturdy, steel,four-leg structure which can withstand windstorms and bad weather conditions.

For customer’s looking for an environmentally friendly, innovative and stylish windmill, yardmills are the perfect ornamental windmill. They also come in an assortment of colors.

Small, light-weight aeration system can also be purchased with the yardmill. These systems work well for small ponds and gardens. Windmill aeration systems are ideal for eliminating algae and oxygenating water.

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