Fountain Aerators Don’t Aerate

Save Money on Power Use Windmill Aeration

Fountains look great and are very pretty but as an means to aerate ponds they
are not the most effective way to perform this task.

Fountains spray water up in the air and the splashes in the pond caused by the
water landing on the pond surface traps oxygen bubbles in the pond. This is
called surface aeration and only provides oxygen to the top 1.5 ft of a pond.

Other disadvantages of surface aeration through fountains are the energy costs
of operating them and associated reliability and maintenance due to the many
working components that are needed to operate the fountain. Fountains push
water through hose line up into the air so energy required to do this is very

Bottom up aeration systems compress air into air line and air diffusers are
placed in the bottom of the ponds. Oxygen is dissolved into the bottom of the
pond where oxygen levels are at their lowest. The oxygen bubbles rise through
the pond and help burn off the excess organic debris that causes pond
stagnation, algae and weeds.

Recently, windmills for aeration have really caught on – here is a picture of
a fish farm in Jamaica that bought 6 Superior Windmill aerations systems to
aerate their fish ponds. Its critical to have adequate oxygen levels in a
fish pond to ensure fish remain healthy and do not die. This customer used
these windmills to aerate all the ponds and is saving him close to 2 thousand
dollars per/month in energy costs. He will have paid for these windmills in
less than six months and will have no operating costs on these units for years
to come.

With proven products like Superior Windmill there is no maintenance for 5-7
years and they are built to last decades. Making this an easy investment to
justify. With the rising costs of POWER and people looking for alternative
solutions to Electric POWER – Windmill Aeration makes good financial sense and its good for the environment.