Superior Windmill customer gets creative.

Rafael Rodriguez from New York State talks about his creative uses for his windmill.

I added an air pressure tank to the installation. That keeps the flow of air to the pump and diffusers more constant.

I also added a third valve to the tank so I can dedicate one line to feed an air motor, with is connected to an alternator. The small amount of electricity generated is enough to run an electric heater. I hope that will help to lower the heating expenses this winter, when I will shut down the pump and the aerators, dedicating 100% of the air to the heater, which will run 24 / 7.

The installation process was not difficult, although now I must agree with you that adding the hinges to the bottom of the tower could have made the installation easier. On the first try the tower lost its footing and collapsed to the ground. No major damages, except to the dome (I will wait until spring to replace it). The second try was perfect.

Thanks again for your help. The windmill adds a rural touch to the area. And the reflection on the pond makes the traffic stop in the evenings. The windmill looks like a second sun.

By the way, there are 3 ponds: The only one visible on the picture is the middle level pond. The pump is located at the bottom pond, and the water is pumped to the superior pond. From there the water runs through a creek to the middle pond, and from there it goes back to the bottom pond.

I am adapting a camera to a model airplane and I will take aerial pictures of the site. I can’t fly it now because it is too windy –which is good- But I will send you a picture of the installation next April (the wind doesn’t stop until then). I love this place.

Until then, may the wind be with you and the folks at Superior. Thanks

Rafael Rodriguez
Down State New York