Winter Pond Care

Keeping Ponds Open In Winter with Wind Power

Customers all over North America are discovering the benefits of using Wind and Windmills to aerate ponds, keeping them open all winter long.

In the State of Montana – the State Fisheries and Game Department and many other pond owners are using Koenders Windmills to aerate their fish ponds to keep fish healthy and alive all winter long.

Greg Swenson of Chinook, MT explains that after installing his Koenders Windmill in 2000 his fish have stayed healthy ever since. “The windmill keeps a 30 Ft circle open in the pond during the cold winter months, everywhere else in the pond freezes up to 2 Ft thick.”

Greg explains that for 5-6 years the Koenders Windmill ran maintenance free. “I literally did not do a thing.” In the last few years he has changed an air stone diffuser and a maintenance repair kit for $100.00.

The aeration keeps the ponds and fish healthy in the warmer summer months as well. Greg mentioned that many of the ponds in his area get over grown with green algae and moss while his stays clear and clean.

Windmill aeration systems certainly do a great job of keeping ponds open in the winter months, clean during the summer periods and the fact that you do not need power or the cost of electricity to operate them is a real bonus.