First Thing To Do With A New Pond

Great Advice For Starting Up

Pond Owners are always looking for ways to ensure their pond stays healthy and clean; ways to make certain the pond does not get over run with unsightly algae and weeds; things they can do to make sure the fish they stick in the pond don’t end up dying and washing up on the edges of the pond; things they can do to avoid the pond from stagnating and having sludge and mud on the bottom of the pond.

Well take it from Keith Williams from Hillsboro, MO – get an aeration system in the pond as fast as possible. While the pond is filling up with water the aeration system will be pumping oxygen in it to filter out any of the unwanted organic debris that causes the pond and your investment in it to go bad.

Keith Williams installed a Koenders Windmill for his 1/2 acre pond about 4 years ago. It was the first thing he did. His fish are growing fantastically, there has never been and scum, algae or weeds and the pond remains clean a clear as the first day the pond was filled up.

For 4 years the windmill has been the only thing he has used to keep the pond clean and fresh. “It even keeps an area of the pond open in the winter months so that his resident ducks have a space to swim in,” Keith explains.

What Keith liked about Koenders Windmills is the fact they have been around for so many years with a proven product that last decades. He also liked the fact that the tower come with pivot pairs (tower hinges) so that you can tilt
your windmill up and down.

Keith tilts his windmill down annually to check it out and make sure everything is ok. He greases the swivel tube and raises it back up. He tells us that is the only thing he has ever done on his windmill and it bubbles out
in his pond all the time.

Windmill aeration systems do not use electricity so the cost of operation is absolutely ZERO once the windmill is up and running. There are a few vendors such as Koenders Windmills and Superior Windmill that have been manufacturing
windmills for many years.

Thanks for the information:

Keith Williams

Hillsboro, MO