Lime Green Algae

Lime Green Algae Through Out The Water Column of Pond

Like many pond owners, algae has become more and more of a nuisance. Pond Owners try everything from treating their ponds with dangerous pond chemicals to the safer choice of barley straw yet nothing seems to work.

Doug Hunter’s advice to Pond Owners is try a windmill aeration system. Doug built his 100 X 50 Ft pond over 15 years ago. For 7 years he wrestled with ways to keep his pond clean and nothing worked. When the lime green algae grew to a point where he and his family could no longer swim in the pond for algae was not only floating at the surface – it penetrated all the way through the pond body and it could be smelled from the house, he was willing to try anything.

Doug read about windmills that could aerate the water and could potentially get rid of the algae in a manner that was both efficient and environmentally sustainable. For an investment of just over $ 1000.00 the windmill aeration
system has changed his pond forever.

“Koenders Windmills is a horse which keeps on trucking”, Doug explains. He has never seen anything like these windmills. “Our Koenders Windmill aeration system keeps our pond healthy and clean and within a year we had our swimming pond back.”

Koenders Windmills has been manufacturing these windmills for over 20 years and now sells over 6,000 windmills per/yr. if you are a pond owner with pond weed and algae you may want look at Koenders Windmills for aerating your pond.

Doug Hunter

Milbrook, Ontario