Pond Owners with FISH

Now is the time to let your customers know the best way to prevent Winter Fish Kill is by installing a Koenders Windmill before winter sets in. It’s a sickening sight…Spring arrives and even before all the ice melts from your pond you start to notice…first the really big ones, then even the minnows…every fish in the pond is dead!

Then comes the clean up and the cost of re-stocking. Winter Fish Kill can cost pond owners thousands of dollars…but it can be prevented for pennies per day.

Let’s look at the average 20 year cost of owning a 20′ Koenders (single diaphragm) Windmill System:

20′ Windmill $1345.00
Shipping $150.00 (average cost to ship throughout the US)
(3) Maintenance Kits $179.85
(1) Set of 3 Compressor Bearings Kits $119.85
TOTAL COST $1794.70
Cost Per Year $89.74
Cost Per Day $.2458493 *LESS THAN 25 CENTS A DAY !!*

Shouldn’t every pond be protected by a Koenders Windmill?

Customers all over North America are discovering the benefits of aeration during the winter months. By aerating the water you provide additional levels of oxygen to the pond to help keep the fish healthy. The aeration also keeps an area of the pond open so that the water can vent off the CO2 gases that are caused by the decomposing organic matter in the pond. This not only keeps the fish happy and healthy – it also keeps the pond water cleaner.

Terry Miller
Koenders Customer for 10 years – bought a Koenders windmill aeration system after a severe winter killed all his fish.