Windmill Aeration – Affordable Chance for Pond Owners to Invest

Windmill aeration has proven to be the most cost effective method of keeping water healthy and clean. It just got a whole lot more affordable for those lucky pond owners that choose to order a system this Spring.

Windmill aeration systems were innovated 23 years ago by an inventer by the name of Wilf Koenders.

He founded Koenders Windmills at that time and it has now grown to sell over 6000 windmill aeration systems per/yr all over the world. Koenders owns about 90% of the market when it comes to windmill aeration systems and its product is proven to stand the test of time with more than 50,000 units installed in North America. Koenders has a unique tag line that holds true to the product – “Saving the Planet’s Water Natures Way”.

There are no operating costs and the maintenance is so seldom that we calculate the total cost of ownership as basically free.

Using wind to compress air into the airlines instead of electricity allows these units to operate with very little moving parts and no energy costs. That is correct – there are not electricity costs for powering thiswindmill.

The main reason for this article is to let pond owners know about the recently released Special Spring OFFER that Koenders announced this week, making windmill Aeration systems affordable for the masses.

Koenders Windmills just announced a Spring Special where you can get a complete Windmill Aeration System for $ 999.00.

This is truly an amazing opportunity for Pond Owners who have been wanting to use a sustainable approach to reducing algae and sludge in their ponds, wanting to keep fish alive and avoiding costly fish kills, providing a healthy ecosystem for everyone to enjoy.

To learn more about Koenders windmills products and this offer you can visit Koenders Windmills’ website at