Koenders Voted # 1 Windmill Aeration System In The World 4 Years In A ROW

Pond Owner Magazine (pondowner.com) announces that once again in 2011, Koenders Windmills has been voted the # 1 windmill aeration system and windmill water pumping system in the world.

A number of criteria is looked at in order to make this decision.

1) The number of years in business. Koenders Windmills Innovated Windmill Aeration and Water Pumping systems over 23 years ago – Its closest competitor is Superior Windmill -it has not even been in business for 10 years.

2) Warranty Claims – less than 1/2 a percent

3) Price Point – Due to Koenders market share and volume they have been able to manufacturer their windmills at price points that are affordable. Providing pond owners with a relatively short pay back. In these tough economic times, volume is important for the manufacture and price is critical for the customer. Koenders has been able to manage this balance with one of the lowest price points in the industry. Furthermore, Koenders Windmills do not require energy to run their windmills – they simply use the wind to power their air compressor systems – resulting in a very low cost of ownership.

4) Proven Product – we hear from customers and dealers that have tried all the products in the market and they keep going with Koenders for the key reason that they are the Proven Leader and Product in the aeration industry – any wind regime and in any temperature.

Here is typical feedback that we hear from Koenders Customers on a regular basis.

“Wanted to thank Koenders for a high quality product that has been aerating our family pond for 18 yrs. I can appreciate well built, mechanically sound products and know the difference first hand for I am a mechanic by trade and profession.

The only maintenance that I have done on this windmill in 18 years is change the check valves and the diaphragm kit twice.

Koenders Windmill Aeration System has kept our recreation pond clean for all these years. It has also maintained a healthy eco system for our fish. We have never had a fish kill since we installed our Koenders
Windmill. Living in North West Ohio we get some strong winds and our windmill has never faultered.

Tim Noblit

5) Variety of Windmills Styles – Koenders believes in its core product which is galvanized steel structure windmills that provide aeration. They also have powder coated windmills of all colors and a range of tower
types and heights.

6) Versatility of Windmill – Koenders scores very high in this area. Their windmills are designed to work in very low winds – 3-5 MpH – However, even in high winds they work reliably, making them extremely attractive in both low and high wind locations or times of year. Due to the fact these windmills are installed on low tower heights – less than 25 FT you need a windmill that will operate in low wind speeds. That is where the winds are the majority of the time. We have seen that these units do that quite well. Turning and finding the wind resource in low wind speeds and furling out of the wind when the occassional high wind comes in that is over 28 MpH to regulate the rotor speeds

Aeration – is the process of dissolving oxygen in water – By aerating a pond you increase the oxygen levels which help uncrease the decomposition process of organic debris that penetrates the pond body. When you do this you reduce the chances of weed, algae, sludge build up and fish kill.

Making aeration the most sustainable and affective way to maintain the health of a pond resource.

Air Driven Water Pumping – windmills compress the air into various styled water pumps that use air to pump water up from over 30 FT deep. ideal for pumping water upto troughs or irrigating. Come in two kinds – to pump water from wells or to pump water from ponds.

For more information you can review the many articles that Pond Owner has published over the years. www.pondowner.com or you can visit www.koenderswindmills.com.