Windmill Aeration Systems for State and Local Governments

More and more Municipalities and State Governments are choosing windmill aeration systems over traditional electric aeration systems for the following reasons -

  1. No electricity close by so cannot use traditional electric generation
  2. Electric aeration systems have a high cost of operation and shorter life
  3. Reliability of electric aeration systems are much lower
  4. Looking for sustainable solutions to go GREEN and that provide short term payback

Koenders Windmills gets calls from state parks and municipalities weekly requesting their products. From some government groups that they never knew were even using their products. It is estimated that over 500
government organizations use Koenders windmills to aerate their ponds and sewage lagoons in North America.

Take the Montana State for example, the State Dept of Fish Wildlife and Parks have over a dozen Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems aerating their ponds and have been doing so for over 10 years. They have been using them to aerate the Fishing ponds to help keep the fish healthy in the hotter summer months and to avoid fish Kill in the winter months.

“We have also noticed a reduction of algae in weeds in the ponds that have the windmills aerating them” explained Cody.

Cody Nagel works in the field with the Montana State Fish Wildlife and Parks Dept in Havre, MT. Cody has been very impressed with the reliability and durability of the Koenders Windmills. “these windmills are installed in some of the toughest weather conditions in the world and these windmills survive everything from harsh storms to shot gun blasts from the hunters”.

Koenders Windmills – for over 23 years providing affordable, reliable and efficient windmill aeration systems to State and Local Governments.