Windmill and Electric Aeration – Bottom UP Aeration Systems VS Fountain Aeration – Surface Aeration Systems

We at Fenders Fish Hatchery have been using both Koenders Windmills, Electric Aeration and Fountain Aeration Systems for over 15 years so our comparison is based on this leading global brands products.

Fenders Fish Hatcheries is one of the oldest Fish Hatcheries in the Mid West. We have been in business for over 50 years – primarily servicing our customers in the state of Ohio but some as far away as Montana and California. We have over 400 acres of pond water under management – many are shallow and many are deep. We require this water to stay healthy and clean for our millions of fish that we sell every year to government wild life departments, restaurants, and fish pond owners.

Fenders is committed to the environment and believes in the use of environmentally friendly ways to keep ponds and fish healthy. That is why the number one way we keep our pond water clean and fish healthy is by aerating it.
There are two types of aeration we use – surface aeration and bottom up aeration Koenders Water Solutions is one of the world’s leaders in aeration systems for ponds. Fountain Aeration System are considered surface aeration system.

Koenders Water Solutions have been providing Pond Owners – Aeration Systems of all kinds for almost 25 years – Bottom up Aeration Systems, Surface Aeration Systems, Electric Aeration Systems and Electricity-Free Aeration Systems.

Bottom UP Aeration VS Surface Aeration

Bottom UP Aeration

Koenders Line of Windmill Aeration Systems and Electric Aeration Systems are designed to aerate water from the bottom up. This is by far the most effective aerating method. Air is compressed into the airline and driven down to the bottom areas of the pond where airstone diffusers take the compressed oxygen and turn it into thousands of tiny oxygen bubbles that dissolve directly into the pond body.

Dissolving oxygen into the water at the bottom of the pond allows the oxygen to more efficiently mix with the water and it provides a filtration system effect. As the oxygen bubbles (column) rises up through the pond they pick up organic debris that is suspended in the pond body – thus burning off excess organic debris that causes pond stagnation, algae and weeds. The more time the oxygen has in the water the more efficient the dissolving process (Aeration) is. Helping avoid fish kills and supporting an overall healthier eco system in the pond.

The deeper the aeration the larger the bubbles will grow and the larger the column expands in the pond, thus acting as a means of water circulation.

Another benefit to Koenders Bottom Up aeration systems is that they do not use a lot of energy. The Windmill Aeration Systems do not require any electricity while the electric aerators are compressing air in the airline and not pumping water. With Fountains or surface aeration you are sucking up and pumping water in the air several feet. This requires lots more energy – thus higher costs of operation, lower life expectancies because the motor on the fountains are working much harder.

For Koenders bottom up aeration products click here.

Surface Aeration

Koenders offers the most cost effective, proven and tested surface aeration system on the market. This comes in the form of a Fountain – Koenders Fountain Aeration System. It is a proven Fountain that has been on the market for over 15 years and as with their windmills, has thousands installed in North America. Koenders focus is affordability, quality and reliability and they have done this by offering a ½ hrs power fountain so that it provides the most cost effective and efficient production in the Fountain aeration class.

Surface aeration is less efficient than Bottom up aeration for the oxygen that is added to the pond water is derived only from the splashing of the water on the surface of the pond. Essentially, the splashing traps oxygen in the top 6 inches to 1 FT at the surface of the pond water. We do not recommend the use of the fine spray nozzles with our Fountains because this can cause an increase in water evaporation. We include our decorative nozzles to increase the oxygen capture and depth that the surface aeration will go down. This deeper the water splashes on the surface of the water then the better the oxygen penetration is which also helps with the circulation flow in the pond.

Koenders Fountain Aeration systems work very well in shallow areas of a pond as long as you have electricity close by. Compared to most fountains on the market Koenders Fountains draw very little amperage as you can see by visiting their web site and looking at the specifications documents.

A lot of pond owners, municipalities and golf courses buy both a Koenders bottom up aeration system and a Koenders Fountain Aeration system so that they can have the efficiency of the windmills and/or electric aeration systems and the attractive effects of Koenders Fountains.

Installing the Fountain in the shallow areas of the pond and the windmill or electric aerator diffusers in the deeper areas of the pond is the ideal solution. Placing the fountain on a timer only for a few hours a day will lower your electricity bill and lengthen the life of the fountain. Use the bottom up aeration systems to keep your pond clean and healthy while your fountain provides the decor for your Pond.

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