Getting Your Pond Ready For WINTER MONTHS

The FALL is the time to start thinking about your pond and getting it ready for the cold winter months.

Depending where you and your pond is located will depend on what is needed.

For ponds in the Freezing areas of world there are two key things to do.

1) Try to keep the organic debris (leaves) from entering your pond – try to surface rake them out before they sink to the bottom of the pond – at the bottom of the pond they will start to decompose and extract much needed oxygen from the water.

2) Make sure you are aerating your water – bottom up aeration is the best way to do this. It will provide needed oxygen for your fish and it will keep an area of your pond open during winter months to vent off a build up of toxic gases caused from decomposing organic matter. This is the best way to avoid fish kills during the winter months

By aerating your pond all winter long you are able to give your water body healthy so that as spring approaches the chances of algae blooms are minimized.

For Ponds In Warmer areas of the World

Winter months do not differ much from summer months. The key for you and your ponds is to continually aerate them and use Natural Pond Conditioners to keep them strong and healthy.

Pond Conditioners were designed by Koenders Water Solutions – an engineering driven company that manufactures windmill and electrical aeration systems and developed benefitial bacteria and enzymes solutions specifically for Pond Owners. They come in an all – in – one Food Grade Pond dye. you can learn more about this at

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