Make sure that You are Buying Manufacturer’s Original Parts for your Windmill Aeration System!!!!

Koenders Windmills Inc has been manufacturing windmill aeration systems for 25 years and are both the innovators and world leaders in this Industry. They have over 90% of the market and so other companies are targeting them to try to sell universal parts to their customer base.

As a result, some organizations are trying to take advantage of Koenders customer base by attempting to sell universal parts for Koenders Windmill products. Some are even being a little sneaky about this and not even telling customers that these parts are not Koenders Original Branded Components. During the last several months Pond Owner has been hearing from customers that have Koenders Windmill Aeration systems and who have been getting maintenance and repair parts that are not Koenders Original Products.

Some customers have known this and some have not. Mike Holmes, Iron Mountain, MI, explains, that he ran his Koenders Windmill – CARE FREE – for 12 years until he purchased a maintenance repair kit from a Dealer who did not indicate that the kit that he was selling was not Koenders Original Product. Well Mike changed out the diaphragm and check valves as per instructions and after spending a few hours on the job was expecting worry FREE operation for another several years to come. Unfortunately, This repair kit was not Koenders and it only lasted 8 months. He was forced to buy another kit – this time he made sure that it was a Koenders WIndmills Inc. original product.

He hopes that nothing else was damaged when he installed this universal part. “I dont care if they give these parts away for FREE”, Mike states, “the inconvience this causes is not worth it”

Koenders Windmills Inc has been manufacturing aeration systems, pond conditioners and water pumping solutions since 1988. For more information; go to Saving the planets water Natures Way is Koenders mission and their business continually grows as this market expands and water pollution becomes more and more of an issue globally.