Koenders Windmills Celebrates 25th Anniversary

In 1988 Wilf Koender innovated a windmill that could compress air so as to aerate the thousands of ponds in his area of Saskatchewan, Canada. At the time cattle ranchers were having issues with the water, keeping it clean and algae FREE was a real challenge. If cattle drink from a stagnated pond then they can get very sick and even die (blue green algae is poisonous). In addition, the Canadian Government at that time, had just released a ground breaking study indicating that if cattle drink from a clean, aerated body of water they can improve weight gain by over 23% compared to cattle that drink from water that is not clean or aerated.

Koenders Windmills was founded to serve the many farmers that were looking for solutions to keep their pond/dugouts clean and healthy. Over the next 25 years Koenders Windmills has grown to be the largest windmill aeration company in the world with over 90% market share. They sell thousands of windmill aeration systems per/yr and have grown their product line in to water pumps, electric aeration, fountain aeration and all Natural Pond Conditioners.

With well over 50,000 customers in North America and thousands of others around the world, Koenders Windmills is showing the world that you can save the Planet’s Water – Nature’s Way, in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

In celebration of this momentous occasion Koenders Windmills/Koenders Water Solutions Inc is giving away FREE, Steve Fender’s award winning Book about Farm Pond Management, a common sense guide, written by Steve Fender.

“My goal is to relay as much information as possible through this book so that anyone owning a small pond or big lake can use it as a guide to stock and properly manage ponds and lakes”, says Steve Fender.

Steve grew up on a farm in Central Ohio, and joined the family fish farm business at a young age, Fenders Fish Hatchery.

Fenders Fish Hatchery is one of the oldest fish hatcheries in the nation and one of the largest in the Mid West. They have hundreds of acres of fish ponds under management and Steve knows first hand what it takes to keep ponds clean and fish healthy.

For your FREE copy of Farm Pond Management – visit www.koenderswindmills.com and you will see Koenders 25th Anniversary GIFT for all Pond Owners. Koenders Windmills has partnered with Steve Fender to celebrate their anniversary by giving back to the Pond Owners that have been so good to them over their 25 years. This gift is valued at $19.95 and real treasure of information for all pond owners.