Fall Pond Care

Why Aerating Your Pond In Fall is a Must

Jul 18, 2013 – Many pond owners that we are speaking with do not currently have a pond aeration system installed in their ponds. They appear busy gathering information on the various solutions that are available on the market for an investment when next spring arrives. Researching the best solution is a great thing to do – but don’t delay installing a pond aeration system – do it now and here is why…

Autumn brings falling leaves

Foliage, animal waste and other organic matter sinks to the bottom of the pond and it requires oxygen to speed up the decomposition process of this matter.

First snowflakes fall and freezing temperatures arrive

Freezing occurs on the surface of the pond and limits the amount of oxygen flow throughout the water source – which inhibits the decomposition process.

Deep winter arrives and pond covers in snow

There is no sunshine getting into the water to shine on the aquatic vegetation that in turn can create oxygen for the pond. The already depleted oxygen levels continue to decrease and the fish start to lack oxygen (potential fish kill) – the pond bottom is increasing its sludge levels and the pond is becoming unhealthier by the month.

Spring arrives and the pond needs help

The pond it lacking oxygen and is full of organic matter – ideal growing conditions for algae and other sources of unwanted aquatic vegetation as the water temperatures start to heat up. A loss of fish can also be visible due to lack of oxygen in the pond.

To prevent this happening to your pond, install and run an aeration system all winter long. There are even windmill aeration systems that operate 365 days a year – in the heat and cold – tested in the far northern Canadian provinces. They are used to keep ponds up there, open all winter long and provide oxygen to the fish.

Give your pond the extra help it needs to stay healthy during the winter months. Pond aeration systems are not a summer activity. Aerating your pond is a 365-day a year pond care process.