Pond Chemicals

Pond Chemicals Can Be Dangerous

July 17, 2013 – Today we were speaking with a pond owner who is extremely excited about his big stream, he calls it. He loves the fact that he can live in such a beautify area and still be close to work.

He is a new pond of owner of just six months and so he really did not know the potential dangers that ponds could pose. During the summer months he saw some algae growing in the pond and so he decided to treat it with a pond chemical. Well, he treated it alright and he ended up breathing in some of the copper sulphate that he used to treat it with. This fellow ended up being rushed to the hospital and was on a respirator for almost a week.

Pond Chemicals can be vary dangerous and if one decides to use them on his pond then one needs to read the instructions closely and be careful not to breath in any of the chemicals. Perhaps before treating a pond with a highly toxic pond chemical we should look at alternative ways to clean up algae and maintain a healthy pond.

Perhaps an aeration system can help – studies have shown that effectively aerating your pond can reduce algae and the chances of it by up to 80%.

There are also pond conditioners that are now being offered on the market. They use natural bacteria and enzymes to treat their ponds. A pond conditioner combined with pond aeration or with a windmill aeration system is an ideal combination to ensure the healthy of your pond and avoid the use of dangerous pond chemicals.

Pond owners need to take care when using pond chemicals and need to look at environmentally friendly alternatives to these types of short-term solutions.

Our water is a precious resource and the less chemicals that we put in them the better it is for us and our environment.