Pond Circulation

Pond Aeration or Circulation

July 11, 2013 – Many Pond owners seem to be confused with the benefits of pond aeration and water circulation. Most pond owners are advised to circulate their pond water to prevent it from stagnating. So a pond owner goes out and looks for a pond circulation system that is expensive, costly to operate and not nearly as effective as a pond aeration system.

Many pond owners are adamant that they require a pond circulation system and when asked why they are not looking at pond aeration systems they usually respond by saying they need to move their water around to get it oxygenated.

Well, for those of you that are facing this situation – you are in for a pleasant surprise. Go out and buy an aeration system that has bottom up aeration – air diffusers that are located at the bottom of the ponds. This approach does not only add additional levels of oxygen to your pond – it also circulates your water. As the oxygen bubbles rise up the water column they enlarge and as they do this they create a water flow that helps circulate the water.

Pond aeration is 8-10 times more effective at keeping your pond healthy and clean and eliminating the phosphates and other organic matter that enters your pond. If you are looking for environmentally friendly ways to prevent pond stagnation and pond algae then consider pond aeration before circulation. It ends up doing both for you in an extremely cost effective way.

Take a look at Superior Windmills and Koenders Windmills for environmentally friendly ways to keep your ponds healthy and clean. Pond Care Packs from Outdoor Water Solutions are offering a 100% complete pond care maintenance program that includes pond conditioners and aerations systems that when combined are an unbeatable solution to keep your pond healthy and clean.