Pond Problems

Beware of Certain Solutions

July 08, 2013 – It always strikes me as funny when you can search on the internet under pond problems and all you get is web sites that talk about pond treatments. Granted some of these treatments are environmentally friendly and Pond Owner Magazine is all for that.

However simply treating your pond with environmentally friendly pond conditioners or even pond chemicals is not going to make your pond healthy and clean unless you have installed an aeration system.

Ponds need an aeration system to stay healthy and clean so install one early in your pond’s life – even while your water is filling up in the pond. Don’t wait until your pond is overgrown with green water, pond algae or weeds. Do it now!

Green water, pond algae and pond weeds are caused by excess nutrients in the pond’s water sourced caused by enriched soil run off, decaying fish or rotting leaves and vegetation.

To avoid this you need to provide increased levels of dissolved oxygen into your pond. This process is called pond aeration and it will help speed up the decomposition process of these rotting debris and filter out of the water excess nutrients that algae and other unwanted aquatic vegetation thrive on.

Pond care prevention is the best long term way to maintain a healthy and clean pond.