Pond Questions

Questions and Answers for Pond Owners

July 9, 2013 – We get a lot of questions from both pond and lake owners on how to keep their water healthy and clean. Over the last decade more and more larger bodies of water are experiencing similar problems with their water as with smaller ponds.

Listed below is a typical inquiry from a cottager on a lake.

“I live on a 55 acre lake and am on the lake Cottager’s Association. We have been researching ways to address a real bad lake problem we have with algae and weeds growing and forming along the banks of our lake. This usually occurs at the edges and does not extend more than 40 ft from the sides of the lake, We are very interested in windmill aeration as a means to prevent this algae from returning and also preventing it from happening again this year.

Sure there are pond chemicals that can get rid of this problem – but its thousands of dollars per/yr and it really does not address the issue long term.

How far into the lake will the aeration reach and can it help a lake this size? We realize that we would need more than 5 of these windmill aeration units but what number would work for the whole lake?

How many air diffusers can be installed off a single Windmill aerator?

Any information that you have for us would be appreciated?”

Dear Cottager,

Ponds are just like lakes in many ways – especially when you look at what they need to stay healthy and fresh – oxygen being the most important ingredient. Lakes usually get more oxygen than ponds do because they are bigger bodies of water and wind tends to stir up surface of the water making waves. Waves then mix with oxygen to help in many aspects of a lakes health.

We are seeing more and more lakes installing multiple windmill aeration systems to help increase the levels of oxygen in the lake. Windmill Aeration helps filter out excess nutrients that flow into a lake and cause algae and weed growth. There are many types of electrical aeration systems that can also be used but windmills seem to be the most cost effective aeration solution with very low maintenance requirements and extremely reliable performance. In addition, there is no costs of operation for the windmills are powered by the wind so no monthly costs for lake owners and the associated administration of costs. Simply a one time investment and everyone can sit back and let the lake stay healthy.

Thank you for your inquiry.