Pond Safety

Pond Safety Should Be First Concern

July 31, 2013 – Pond Owners often express the joy they receive from watching their children and grandchildren swim, fish and play around the pond.

Water has always been a fascination for little children and its important that we keep in mind the associated dangers which ponds can pose. Unfortunately, we are often reminded of avoidable mishaps around water, with reports of youngsters drowning in pools, ponds and lakes.

List below are some safety reminders for pond owners to ensure that we act safely and responsibly.

  • Make sure there is adult supervision when the children are playing around your pond.
  • Set guidelines and rules for pond play so that children know the boundaries – discourage diving and rough housing in water.
  • Have safety equipment at hand – first aid kid, reaching pole and even throwing assist buoy.
  • Get trained in water safety and first aid.
  • Pond chemicals and pond conditioners should be stored in a safe place out of the reach of children preferably in childproof containers or in sheds that can be locked.
  • Do not use float devices or toys to replace adult supervision.
  • Have life jackets available at the house for when small children are over and make sure that they wear them at all times if playing outside.
  • Encourage your children and grandchildren to take swimming lessons at a young age – this is a life survival skill that has priceless value.
  • Its sometimes difficult to limit access to larger ponds but smaller ones can be fenced off in a yard.

Keep these tips in mind as we enter the warm summer months and everyone is playing around the pond.