Property Value and Ponds

Pond Condition Affects Real Estate Property Values

July 26, 2013 – It was mentioned to us recently from some top real estate professionals that the health and look of a pond could dramatically impact the property value. The property value can be impacted anywhere from 5 to 35% depending on the size of the pond and proximity to the house. Up until now, we had never really considered this point.

One property owner who backs onto a 6-acre lake with 10 other homeowners has expressed grave concern about the health of their pond. “It looks like a sewage lagoon and smells like rotten eggs”, he was quoted as saying. Before speaking with pond owner he was considering selling his property instead of building his family’s dream home on it.

Ponds need to be cared for and for the many property owners that jointly share the responsibilities of keeping a pond healthy and clean wake up to this reality. Remember that an unhealthy pond has a significant impact on the value of your real estate asset.

The good news is that there is a simple, proven and extremely cost effective solution to restoring your pond back to its natural beauty. Put oxygen in it – its called pond or water aeration. One of the most popular methods of pond aeration is using windmill aeration systems, which can restore your pond back to health.

Windmill pond aeration does not require any electricity to operate and depending on the manufacturer can be extremely reliable. When choosing your manufacturer look for ones that have been in business for several years such as Koenders Windmills.

Koenders Windmills Inc. sells approximately 5,000 windmill aeration systems a year and has over 35,000 of them in operation around the world. They come with a 3 yr warranty and are built to last decades. You can’t go wrong with a company like this – there are others in the market place as well, such as Superior Windmill who has established themselves in the market place over the last several years.

If electricity and cost of operation is not of concern to you then there are a number of electrical aeration systems available on the market as well. Make sure to inquire about the monthly cost of operation for some of these systems can be quite costly to run.