Retention Ponds

Keeping Retention Ponds Clean

July 15, 2013 – Both Construction companies who build retention ponds and retention pond owners are turning to windmills that aerate water as a means to manage and maintain the cleanliness of their ponds.

Retention ponds are important for they ensure that flash floods do not occur in areas that have large amounts of concrete and cannot adequately absorb water caused by heavy rainstorms as quickly as needed to prevent flooding.

Retention ponds usually become foul smelling, pollution filled messes and regulation to ensure that these ponds do not become health hazards is being reviewed in many states. Companies are now being asked by their communities to keep retention ponds cleaner and less odorous. Many are not only dirty, but they are becoming toxic sewage lagoons and its upsetting the local residents.

Pressure is being put on shopping mall and industrial park owners to do something about cleaning up these pools of pollution. One cost effective solution in doing this is by installing windmills that aerate retention ponds.

Koenders Windmills has created a Uni-pole Windmill aeration system. It’s a windmill that sits up 25 Ft off the ground and compresses air into an airline when the wind blows the windmill. It works in as low as 3 MPH winds and can aerate up to a 4 acre retention ponds. The average size of these ponds range from 1/2 acre to usually 2 acre – ideal sizes for these types of solutions.

Koenders Uni-Pole looks nice and is design to reduce any risk of vandalism against the equipment. The windmill pond aeration systems work by burning off the excess organic matter and pollutants that are normally responsible for stagnating the retention ponds.