West Nile Virus and Ponds

Preventative Measures for Reducing the Spread of West Nile Virus

July 30, 2013 – We had a consultant contact us this week who was discussing the threat of West Nile virus and explaining how people with ponds have a responsibility to keep them clean to reduce the risk of spreading this disease.

These consultants primarily work with local governments and are trying to ensure that municipal ponds are not mosquito breeding grounds.

The two main preventative measures one can take to ensure that mosquitoes do not breed in their ponds are;

  • Circulate water using a water pump or fountain.
  • Aerate your pond to keep it healthy and clean in order to avoid pond stagnation and algae.

Pond chemicals are also an option however, we were told that there are some strong disadvantages to using them;

  • Over use of pond chemicals can pollute your water and can be detrimental to both wildlife and humans.
  • Short term fix in treating unhealthy water for it tends to mask the real pond problems that are present.
  • Depletes the oxygen in your pond even further which is a critical component to a healthy pond, therefore increasing your dependence on expensive chemicals while at the same time not addressing the main objective – having a healthy clean pond.

Municipalities should be taking a leadership roll in this area of environmental protection. There are many that are but the majority of local governments are still addressing pond problems and the threat of West Nile virus with the use of expensive and potentially toxic chemicals.