Winter Pond Care

Preparing Your Pond For Winter

July 16, 2013 – For many of us that live in the colder areas of North America the Fall is a time to prepare for the upcoming winter months.

For pond owners that means that we need to prepare our ponds and the wild life that live inside them for the cold winter months ahead.

Many pond owners are not aware that they should be considering some options for keeping a section of their pond open during the winter months. By doing this the pond can release its toxic gases such as ammonia into the atmosphere so that it does not kill off the fish.

Many pond owners chop holes in their ice with tractors or axes to let their ponds vent out any toxic gases. Others do nothing and are shocked in the Spring when they see the unhealthiness of their pond. There is a simpler and more effective way for you to consider and it also has other benefits.

Bottom up pond aeration is and aeration process that works all winter long – pumping oxygen into your water at the bottom of the pond to the surface. It keeps a section of your pond open for your pond to vent and it also provides a much needed supply of oxygen to your wildlife.

Pond aeration also helps in the decomposition process of any organic matter such as leaves and animal waste which otherwise does not get the levels of oxygen needed to decompose so can sit at the bottom of your pond and build up sludge levels.

Koenders Windmills and its marketing arm Outdoor Water Solutions Inc. as well as Superior Windmills have windmill aerations systems that aerate ponds from the bottom up and are built to work 365 days a year. With very little to no maintenance it’s a must consideration if you are a pond owner in colder climate zones.