Ground Water Aquifers

Underground Water Can Feed Your Pond

Aug 29, 2013 – Many people are complaining about the lack of rain in their regions and that these droughts are having two major impacts on their ponds.

  • Level of Pond water is lowering affecting pond wildlife.
  • Pond Scum and Algae is increasing depleting oxygen in pond and affecting the look and health of pond and everything in it.

If we can’t find water on top of the ground via natural sources like rainfall then we need to start looking under the ground. After all two thirds of the world’s fresh water is found underground. For example in Canada, there is more fresh water underground then on the surface. Another interesting fact is that the Great Lakes, straddling Canada and the United States contain approximately 25% of the world’s fresh water in lakes.

You may be lucky and live at a relatively high water table and if so you may only have to drill down a few feet to reach water. Unfortunately, for most people in Texas drilling down several hundred feet is not uncommon. The point is, that if you drill deep enough the chances of you finding water is extremely good. Groundwater is found in spaces between soil or bedrock and much like a rag or sponge these spaces hold the water. These areas that hold the water are called aquifers and form the source of water for wells and springs. Now many people already know this but there are many others that do not.

The costs of drilling and extracting water from the ground to feed your pond is directly correlated to the level of your water table. If your water table is high then there are some relatively inexpensive solutions on the market for you to pump water from a well to your pond. Depending on your water table level Windmill Water Pumps are becoming extremely popular for this.

There are windmills that can pump water and also aerate your ponds at the same time so you are able to address both the major issues that pond owners are addressing in areas that are having a lack of rain fall.

There are also relatively inexpensive electrical well water pumps and combined with an electrical aeration system forms an excellent solution to keep your pond healthy and clean free of pond scum and algae.

Whatever the case, consider looking under the ground for your pond water source. It can be quite cost effective.