Pond Algae

Is your Pond Green with Algae?

Aug 21, 2013 – With the hot summer months quickly approaching many pond owners are starting to worry about pond algae and the associated mess and smells that it comes with. For those of you who are already seeing algae and green moss in your pond then be warned that it is only going to get much worse if you do not do something about it fast.

The main two reasons algae forms in a pond are;

  • lack of oxygen
  • excess nutrients, pollutants and other chemicals

So you have two solutions to the problem – a short term fix is to go out and spend several hundred dollars on some pond chemicals to kill off the bloom of algae that is emerging


invest in a long term solution for pond care which is a pond aeration system. To have algae blooming in your pond this early in the year we bet 10 to 1 that you do not already have an aeration system installed in your pond today. Consider taking the long term approach to pond care and invest in a pond aeration system.

A few manufacturers that we strongly support are Koenders Windmills who manufacture both electrical aeration systems and air driven windmill aeration systems. Superior Windmill is another brand of windmills that aerate water. With the cost of energy, the windmills are an excellent alternative to keeping your pond supplied with additional levels of oxygen so that algae and other unwanted vegetation can be controlled and eliminated. The other nice thing about these products, is their reliability, put them up and let them go, you don’t need to do anything to maintain them for years.

Adding fish to consume the excess nutrients in your water is also a good idea, but fish also need oxygen. Avoid fish kill and install an aeration system first before stocking your pond with hundreds of dollars worth of fish such as grass carp, koi, cat fish etc…