Pond Care for Duck Hunters

How to Attract More Wildlife to Your Pond

Aug 8, 2013 – Many duck hunters are asking us what they should do in an effort to attract more wildlife to their ponds, ducks predominantly. To help in this regard, make sure that your ponds stay clean and healthy so that the ducks can see down into the pond. Ducks like to feed on vegetation and need to see it in order to eat it.

There are a few other things that should be considered – make sure that your pond has some long grass at the sides and there are a few steep slopes around the ponds’ edges so that predators cannot hunt the ducks easily – when they are swimming near the sides of the pond.

The other item that is extremely important is to make sure your pond stays open in the colder winter months. This again provides them with safety from their natural predators and gives them a place to land in the water.

The simplest way to keep your pond clean and clear in order to attract wildlife such as ducks is to aerate your water. Pond aeration will not only provide this benefit but it will also keep your pond water open in the cold winter months provided you choose the right pond aeration system.

Many pond owners do not realize this but if you use bottom up aeration in the cold winter months your pond will stay open. This is an extremely important consideration when trying to attract ducks to your pond.