Pond Conditioners

Pond Conditioners versus Pond Chemicals

Aug 19, 2013 – The difference between pond conditioners and pond chemicals are quite easily distinguishable.

Pond chemicals can be extremely dangerous and toxic if not properly handled and administered. They are called aquatic herbicides similar in form to pesticides.
Why many people are against the use of pond chemicals is because of what these herbicides have been known to do in the past. For example, Agent Orange was a herbicide blend. It was deployed in Vietnam by the U.S. military in the Vietnam war to act as a way to kill the leaves of the trees and foliage so the soldiers could see the enemy. Unfortunately, it affected the health of many of our beloved soldiers.

Pond chemicals and herbicides are also known to cause certain adverse health effects ranging from skin rashes to even death if not handled properly. Direct contact, inhalation from spray or excess usage and leakage into drinking water can all have negative health impacts on humans.

Pond conditioners are commonly known to be environmentally friendly products that only use natural ingredients to address unwanted vegetation, algae and other pond concerns. These forms of pond care do not even require Federal Licenses for they are non-toxic. Pond conditioners are made up of natural and environmentally friendly enzymes and bacteria which combined with adequate amounts of oxygen seek out and destroy unwanted pond growth in a sustainable and sensible manner.

The handling and administration of these forms of pond care are much easier and user friendly. When applied with oxygen, pond conditioners provide a long term approach to pond health.