Pond Liners

About Pond Liners

Aug 20, 2013 – Many pond owners that we hear from are telling us that they have a leak in their ponds and they don’t know what to do about it.

One solution is to keep on pumping more water into the pond to ensure that the water level stays at the desired height… pumping in more water than is leaking out.

The other solution may be to invest in a pond liner. Manufacturers of pond liners have been around for decades but in the last several years new innovations in materials have made pond liners more durable and longer lasting.

The most common pond liners are made out of some form of polyethylene. Companies that have been around for a long time and are offering 20-year warranties on their products are the one’s that you want to strongly consider purchasing from.

Pond liner characteristics that you will want to consider are;

  • Is the pond liner chemical resistant?
  • Is it UV resistant?
  • Is the material flexible and durable enough to withstand extremely cold and/or warm temperatures?
  • Is the pond liner strong and durable enough to avoid rips, tears and punctures?
  • Is the pond line fish safe?
  • What type of surface bottom do you need to prepare in order to ensure the pond liner is covered under warranty and does not puncture?
  • Do you have to cover the pond liner with soil after it is in place or is it good in non-soil covered conditions?
  • Is the Pond liner approved by the United States Department of Agriculture and for what conditions? – for example – approved for soil or non-soil covered conditions for a certain type of pond up to a certain size.
  • Does the pond liner need to be professionally installed or can you do it yourself.

If I was to build my pond over again I would have strongly considered today’s pond liners as a possible solution to ensure that our pond water stays in the pond and does not leak out. Instead to replenish our water we use a windmill water pump system that pumps water from our shallow well up to the pond on a continuous basis. On average about 2 gallons per/minute is pumped into our pond. Keeps the water level at a good consistent height and there are no electricity costs for the operation. The windmill system also aerates the pond so it takes care of the pond maintenance for us without having to invest in pond chemicals and treatments.