Pond Water Levels

Pond Water Levels a Real Challenge

Aug 7,2013 – When it comes to the amount of water one has in their pond – pond owners face two main challenges:

  • Too much water and how to deal with the overflow
  • Not Enough water and where should they get it from so that their ponds do not dry up

Too Much Water In the Pond

Having too much water in your pond is a much easier issue to deal with. Look for ways to leverage the excess water, whether that means watering the garden, allowing your neighbors to pump water from your pond, pumping the water into a nearby river or sewage. To pump water into nearby water ways or sewage systems a pond owner is required by law to obtain a permit from the regional authorities.

This is to prevent aquatic disease from spreading from one water source into others and is strictly enforced.

Losing Pond Water

Tackling the issue of not enough water can be expensive, however, Koenders Windmills, an innovative manufacturer that has been in this business for almost 20 yrs, has developed some innovative water pumps and water pumping methods to help pond owners cost effectively deal with this challenge.

Lack of water in ones pond is because of a pond leak, not enough rain coming down to fill the pond, no streams or springs around to feed the pond.

If your pond has a leak you may want to consider a pond liner . Pond liners have come a long way over the last several years and there are excellent quality, long lasting, environmentally friendly liners available on the market. The other alternative is to find the leak, easier said than done, and then fill in that area of your pond bottom with clay.

You can also look at ways to pump water into the pond quicker than its leaking out in order to maintain a constant water level.

Water Pumps

There are several ways that you can pump water into your pond. If there are no streams, springs or creeks to draw from you will need to drill a well. Depending on how deep the water table lies will correlate directly with the price of the water pumps.

For shallow wells and to pump water from creeks of lakes we suggest you consider a Koenders Windmill Water Pump. These are completely air driven windmills that have a water pump attachment to them. By far the most reliable and cost effective water pumps on the market today. They draw up to 4 gallons per/min of water and only have 3 moving parts.

There is also a pumping method called the air-lift pumping method to be used to pump water from wells. This is the same method that miners used to use to draw water out of mine shafts.

In addition, there are electric water pumps that submerge into water or which such water hundreds of feet up from a well. The costs of purchase is far less than the costs of ownership for these units but a pond owner needs to do what needs to be done in order to have water.

By the way, the nice thing about the windmill driven water pumps is that they also come with windmill aerations systems included. So you can pump water into your pond and make sure the pond water stays healthy clean and well circulated.