Wildlife and Ponds

Ponds That Attract Wildlife

Aug 2, 2013 – The number of ponds in North America is growing by approximately 2 – 4 % per/yr. This comes as no surprise when you speak to pond owners and they tell you about the enjoyment they receive by having this natural wildlife attraction. Ponds act as magnets to all sorts of different wild life… both land and water-based.

Pond owners will speak about their fish and how important it is to keeping them healthy and alive. Others remind us of the sounds that toads and frogs make at night and even if you are in an urban area listening to these relaxing sounds makes you feel like you are in the middle of a forest. Some pond owners tells us about sitting outside in the evenings, having their tea and watching the deer come by for their evening drinks of water. Bird watchers love their ponds; taking pictures and painting the many varieties of birds that are drawn to this water source.

Kids of pond owners are always playing in the ponds collecting fish, frogs, toads, tadpoles, insects, snails and other bugs that most adults curl up their lips and say “get that out of the kitchen”. Read about pond safety for kids.

Ponds need to be kept healthy and clean so that the animals that we enjoy watching remain healthy as well. To do this read some of the articles in pond owner that speak about keeping your pond healthy and clean and try to avoid using pond chemicals. If you wouldn’t put these chemicals in your drinking water then don’t put it in your ponds. Learn about natural ways to maintain your pond such as pond aeration systems.